• <b>Chanta Group 12th anniversary celebration</b>
    Chanta Group 12th anniversary celebration2021-08-02

    Glad to tell you that Chanta Group has just concluded its 12th anniversary celebration. Most of the employees of our company gathered together to congratulate Chanta for getting better and better. ...[More]

  • <b> Chanta Mother's Day Activity</b>
    Chanta Mother's Day Activity2021-05-08

    Chanta Mother's Day Activity...[More]

  • <b>The 129th Canton Fair opens tomorrow!</b>
    The 129th Canton Fair opens tomorrow!2021-04-14

    The theme of this year's Canton Fair is basically the same as that of the previous one. The export exhibition has 50 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, and the import exhibition has 6 major themes. All exhibition areas will be online ...[More]

  • <b>2021 Easter holiday notice</b>
    2021 Easter holiday notice2021-04-02

    According to company arrangement, the holiday arrangement for Easter this year: April 3 to 5, a total of 3 days.If you have any questions ,please contact us....[More]

  • <b>Chanta Group wish you all a merry Christmas!</b>
    Chanta Group wish you all a merry Christmas!2020-12-24

    Christmas comes only once a year. In this festive Festival,the family members of chanta Group wish you and your family the best. We wish you a prosperous career, a healthy family and a happy life in the new year! All the bad things stay in 2020 and welco...[More]

  • <b>Happy Winter  Solstice !</b>
    Happy Winter Solstice !2020-12-21

    Stay warm and healthy ,and good luck in the new coming year.Happy Winter Solstice!!...[More]

  • <b>Online Plywood Canton Fair 2020 ,Welcome!</b>
    Online Plywood Canton Fair 2020 ,Welcome!2020-06-04

    Plywood Canton Fair 2020...[More]

  • <b>Hello,2020,Happy New Year</b>
    Hello,2020,Happy New Year2019-12-31


  • <b>Warning:A Cheater From Egypt</b>
    Warning:A Cheater From Egypt2019-09-18

    To all wood suppliers; business partners;friends; and customers: Please be careful about this cheater : Name: Ahmed Nokta Company: Egy Nile ( in Damietta ) Mob number: 0020 100 165 5958 This guy and its company left our goods in Damietta po...[More]

  • <b>The Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice</b>
    The Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice2019-09-12

    Dear Customers, Please kindly be informed that we will be offfor 3 days for the Mid-Autumn Festivalon September 13th to 15 vacation. But pls feel free to contact us if you have orders.Wewill reply at the first time. Thanks!...[More]

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